Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paper Scraps Flowers

These flowers were made from paper scraps that I had left over from making some big-as-palms paper peonies and roses (from the other day). I saw the little pieces and decided to reuse them to create something pretty and with a purpose. So, on my next gift-giving occasion, this flower will be the first to go to some dear person with a birthday, anniversary or just because it's Tuesday :)

How to make this flower?


You'll need about 20-25 cutout petals in the shape of hand-drawn almonds. Glue 6 of them by the tips and add 6 more at the back, then keep gluing more petals until you've made a flower. Fold each petal to make it fluffy. Play with it.

Use a pretty button for the center, or if you like sparkle, you can glue a rhinestone dot, or anything else you like.

And that's it.

I like to add safety pins to the back of my flowers or bits of wire so they can be easily attached to ribbons, boxes and so on... Just a tip :)

p.s. You can find this flower in my Etsy shop!


  1. pretty.I love paper flowers.

  2. Thanks for visiting me! And of course, these flowers are really gorgeous! Love them :D

  3. I love all your flowers!!! gorgeous... ;)