Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So... a long delay, I know.

Not to go into too many details (mostly because I don't know who will end up reading my blog, and those who know me say I'm a "private creature") - it's been a crazy summer filled with bits of everything: good and bad, new beginnings, new home experiences, voyages back to dear old places, and lots and lots of work.

I'm back to blogging now, and as with every fall, I'm ready to embrace the cool new months ahead with vigor and creativity.

The first things on my To-Do list are paper flowers that some sweet brides-to-be have requested I make for them. So, stay in touch to see the vibrant paper flowers to come.

While I'm busy crafting pomanders, bouquets, wall flowers, LED flower decorations and more, I'll remember to take photos and share my ideas. I was happily surprised that some of these requests came to me because of this blog - even though I didn't update it in months. So now I feel even more motivated to post new ideas here and stay in touch with creative people.

In the spirit of community, I just wanted to mention Liz Noonan's wonderful work on her 25 Project - check it out! I love her button magnets and the elegant new wreath she made from vintage gloves (see Project 8).