Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paper Hedgehog!

Paper Source, the store, is one of my favorite place to shop for high quality paper.

I used to have one in Boston near me, but since our move to CA, I've been going to the one in Palo Alto. Burlingame will be getting a Paper-Source store, too, though we might move to San Mateo in the meantime. But, it will be close enough, and that means a lot.

Anyway, the reason I am mentioning Paper Source, is that sometimes when I'm browsing their products (online and in person), I get inspired to create or re-create something from paper. For example, I will see a pattern I like, whether it's on a paper, or pillow or anything, and then I will try to do something similar in my own way from paper.

Case in point, the hedgehog you see here is a direct inspiration of one of their rubber stamps.

I made it via paper-piecing technique, and in terms of materials, it's just two shades of card stock (white and shimmer brown) and glue.

It is part of my new obsession with paper animals. I have recreated the owl, the turtle, the fox, and I have a few other forest animals in the works. The hedgehog is ready, and as soon as we make the move to a new apartment, it will hang on our wall.