Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Bunch of Paper Butterflies

So... back to my paper projects - I made a whole bunch of paper butterflies (similar to the ones I made for my wedding) using "just" paper, stamps, 12 shades of ink, some wire, and a few different sets of jewel accents.

... more are on their way...


  1. I love butterflies!!! I wanna be a butterfly :))

  2. oh my goodness! Marija, a LOT of work goes into these! I would love to see some of your process on your crafts...can you take pics along the way?

  3. I love these. especially the ones on the second picture!

  4. Thanks Drenka and Nataly! And, Liz, you're right, I did put some work into these and I'll remember to take some pictures of the process for next time.

    - Marija