Thursday, August 9, 2012

White Paper Sculpture - JELLYFISH

This is the third piece of my recent PAPER SCULPTURE Project, called "TEXTURES".

The first piece was SEA URCHIN, the second one SWIRLS, and one more is in the works, for a total of 4 paper art pieces.

I named this one JELLYFISH because it reminded me of the marine creatures' translucent form. Leaning against my window, the sculpture had a similar feel, like looking at a swarm of jellyfish from above.

Looking at it from a side, it reminds me of mushrooms, but as this is a marine-inspired series, I prefer jellyfish.

The final piece is coming, too.

Again, it will be made of just paper, canvas and glue, and it will be some sort of sea creature.

Monday, August 6, 2012

White Paper Sculpture - SWIRLS

This is the second piece of my recent PAPER SCULPTURE Project, called "TEXTURES".

The first piece was SEA URCHIN, and I have 2 more in the works.

For this one, all I can say is that it was inspired by coral reefs, swirls and the technique of quilling paper.
I like how the swirls let the light through in different ways, so when you look at it and move your head it looks like the swirls are spinning.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

White Prickly Paper Sculpture - SEA URCHIN

I have started a series of paper art pieces called "TEXTURES".

The idea is to have differently textured sculptures made only from three things:

- canvas,
- glue, and
- paper.

The paper in all 3 or 4 pieces will be the same. The only thing I can play with is the shape of the paper.

I have finished 2 so far, with the 3rd piece almost complete and I'm thinking of doing one more. We'll see.

This one was inspired by the shape of a sea urchin. It's prickly and wavy, soft and edgy. It sits on my window for now, waiting for the other pieces to be ready before they can all go to hang on the wall together.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

My own patterned paper: Boutonnieres, Corsages and Cake Flowers

... Here is the second part of my post about my own patterned paper.

I turned the flowers I made from the stamped paper into pin paper boutonnieres, corsages and cake flowers.

And here is the Bridal Bouquet that will be central piece of this nature and book themed Alaska wedding.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Filter Paper LIGHT - Art Sculpture

I have always been fascinated with handmade lighting, especially if it involves paper. You may recall the blue paper flower with LED lights I made a while ago, or the various vellum paper lanterns I made for myself and for my friend Belinda.

Anyway, this lighting project is a bit different. I still used LED string lights to light it all up, but instead of card stock paper, vellum or tissue papers, I used coffee filter paper.

Coffee filters are cheap, wonderfully fluffy, pliable, half-opaque, half-translucent and best of all, light.

They do not weigh the finished piece down. For an amateur handy-person like myself, and I cannot stress the word "amateur" enough, hanging this paper/light sculpture on the wall was easy breezy. I hammered a couple of nails and hanged the piece using a bit of wire. Much easier (and lighter) than hanging massive pictures, or posters.

Here are the steps for making it.

  • LED string lights (mine are from IKEA)
  • Coffee filters (about 200)
  • 1 art canvas 14"x14"
  • Some string or sewing thread
  • Glue gun, and 
  • Wire.
  1. Arrange the lights on the canvas and sew them in place.

  2. Fold a coffee filter like in the pictures and glue it on the canvas, careful not to touch the lights. Do this with 150-200 coffee filters and see if you need any more to cover the holes (if any).

  3. Add wire at the back of the canvas and hang on the wall.

Here are some more pictures of the finished piece, currently hanging on our dining room wall.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My own patterned paper!

Stamps are a wonderful tool for creating your own patterned paper. Depending on your stamps you could create nature-themed paper, simple geometrical patterns, antique writings, or something abstract and wonderful.

I have these great wood mounted rubber stamps of butterflies, flowers and trees, so for I created my own paper and constructed flowers for one of my Etsy clients, an Alaska bride.

Check out the flowers which later turned into boutonnieres, corsages and cake flowers!!!
Note: The boutonnieres, corsages and cake flowers I mentioned will complement this BOOK Flowers Bridal Bouquet.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Dozen PAPER FLOWERS and BUTTERFLIES in Pink and Yellow

I made this bunch of paper flowers for a very special girl's birthday.

Her mother wanted to create a lovely surprise for her daughter, so she asked me to make a dozen flowers in her daughter's favorite colors: PINK and YELLOW.

Roses, peonies, daisies and a few fluttering butterflies - all handmade and ready to bring joy on the girl's birthday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

BLUE, BOOK and YELLOW Pomander

I created a book paper inspired pomander constructed of paper roses in a summer bride's palette: Bright Blue and Yellow.
  • blue tinted book roses
  • blue roses
  • yellow roses
  • yellow satin ribbon

See a different version of this pomander in the same colors.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book and Paper Art Sculptures

It's a great day for enjoying paper art sculptures!!

From top to bottom: "Blue Coral" by abadova, "Altered Book Folded Paper Sculpture" by yinsteadofi, "Paper House Mobile" by creatorB.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cream Colored Day

Spring is near. But... We've already had a few summer-like days this year in Massachusetts. What to make of this weather???

I still sort of entertain hopes of seeing one more daring dash of snow before the winter officially ends on the 20th of March, but seeing blooming spring flowers in the parks near my home sets those hopes to the dark corners of my soul.

So, Spring it is!
Still,... who's to say that steel-colored mornings (yesterday, and this morning, for example), and beige-like sky canvases stretching above my city, are not winter-like. 

For those few fleeting moments before the day turns more sunny, I see ghosts of this warm winter and those short flurries of snowflakes we had a on a few lucky mornings. 

So, there it is. 

I say my goodbye to winter with ghost-like paper flowers in pale vanilla, beige, cream, whatever you want to call it... 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pink Champagne - BOOK Paper Flowers and Pinks and Creams

Book roses are one of my favorite paper flowers. They give depth and meaning to bouquets and really stand out among solid colored flowers.

For example, see this pretty bouquet. Its pinks and cream-colored peonies and roses are beautiful on their own, but when there are book roses in the mix, the bouquet perks up and becomes whole.

The Jane Austen book pages that became the material for these roses add that extra touch of ROMANCE, beauty, meaning to the bouquet ...

What could be more appropriate for a bride that embodies these qualities as well?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Silver Belle - paper flower, restructured...

Some of you may remember the Silver Belle inked paper flower I already blogged about some time ago.

Well, this flower is a version of that, only fluffier, richer in petals.

I used the same lovely silver brocade over taupe paper for the petals, cut one by one and inked, then folded and glued to form this shape.

A single bead adorns the center.
Wire at the back for easy hanging on the wall (or on top of a pretty gift box).

Monday, March 5, 2012

BOOK Flowers and Buttons - Amy's Bridesmaid Bouquets

Amy's bridesmaid bouquets are ready!!

BOOK paper flowers and lots and lots of buttons! A lovely combination, don't you think?

Also, see Amy's book paper flowers bridal bouquet in the same theme.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blue Gold Wall Flower

I have always liked the colors Blue and Gold together, and this paper wall flower is the result of experimenting with light blue paper and this vintage gold ink that I had in my collection.

When used on plain white paper the gold yields a pretty saturated effect, but layered on the blue it looses some of its kick and mutes to something that looks a little antiqued.

Quite interesting... Depending on the light, the petals shine from shimmer gold to pewter to brown bronze.

See for yourself :)