Monday, January 25, 2010

More Handmade Paper Flowers

These are some of the new paper flowers I've created.

Each flower is constructed from nice paper (K&Company, and Basil Basics). Several layers of petals that have been cut and formed by hand are glued together to form the peony-like shape. I then add the final touch - a simple pearlescent bead for the center, or several tiny handmade paper flowers.
Some of the new flowers have leaves that have been cut out of shimmering paper (I plan to add leaves to all of my gift toppers).

The whole process of making a single flower is a bit time-consuming (what with all the tracing, cutting, folding, and so on), but holding the actual results in my palm is so rewarding.

Nothing like making something fabulous out of paper on a rainy afternoon...

These flowers can be used, not only as gift box embellishments, but also as wedding decorations, as party favors, for constructing flower spheres, or simply as a single-flower-vase to cheer up a dull corner...

In any case, they look charming, don't they?