Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cream Colored Day

Spring is near. But... We've already had a few summer-like days this year in Massachusetts. What to make of this weather???

I still sort of entertain hopes of seeing one more daring dash of snow before the winter officially ends on the 20th of March, but seeing blooming spring flowers in the parks near my home sets those hopes to the dark corners of my soul.

So, Spring it is!
Still,... who's to say that steel-colored mornings (yesterday, and this morning, for example), and beige-like sky canvases stretching above my city, are not winter-like. 

For those few fleeting moments before the day turns more sunny, I see ghosts of this warm winter and those short flurries of snowflakes we had a on a few lucky mornings. 

So, there it is. 

I say my goodbye to winter with ghost-like paper flowers in pale vanilla, beige, cream, whatever you want to call it... 

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