Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shimmering Brown - Moca Cafe - Autumn Flower Bookmarks

It's getting chilly this September... This morning I wore my long sleeves around the house and thought of getting the winter clothes out from their hiding place from under the bed.

There's no doubt about it - autumn days are here.

And, with them, I get more and more drawn to cozy afternoons curled with a book, a hot soup and something hand-knit to wear. My sweet old granny from Macedonia sent me a pretty awesome collection of woolen socks that she knit especially for me this summer. I was looking at them the other day wondering when I'd get to wear them, but now I see that I won't have to wait until December. It's probably going to be much sooner than that.

Anyways, with colder weather, I start to notice how quickly this autumn has arrived.

I see it in the bright yellow, orange and red produce we get from our CSA farm; in the leaves changing color outside our windows; in the splash of occasional cold rain and the ever-decreasing sunlight dancing on the walls of our living room.

Inspired by the colors of fall and feelings about fall, I made these paper daisies with cheerful buttons and handmade paper leaves.

See them in my shop.

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