Sunday, September 25, 2011

A deer, a rabbit, a squirrel and a badger

I have always loved to draw and dabble in watercolors, but it's been years since my last attempt. A couple of weeks ago I started thinking about it again. Unsure at first, I started to draw an animal, and little by little, it started to actually look like one :)

The inspiration behind the effort was the idea that I'd maybe create some kind of watercolor art for my soon-to-be-born son's nursery.

I hadn't done it in a really long time that I wasn't too sure I'd pull it off with these little forest animal drawings, but now that they are actually done, I feel so happy and proud of them.

The drawings were partly inspired by Esop's fables (which both me and my husband used to read as kids), from illustrations in old-school children's books that we received from a close friend and from me spending hours looking at animal prints on Etsy.

As you can see in the pics below, each animal drawing is mounted on a couple of layers of designer paper, which I'll hang on the wall next to the baby's crib using push-pins instead of picture frames (for fear of them crashing down and hurting my baby).
I'll post more pictures of the wall art once it is set up in the nursery.
Stay tuned...

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