Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vanilla Cream and Turquoise FLEUR DE LIS

Sometimes a paper is so gorgeous that you don't want to cut it or mess with it in any way, always keeping it for something more special along the way.

My vanilla-colored fleur-de-lis-patterned paper fits in this category.

I enjoyed it too much to ever want to do anything with it. So it stayed untouched for a long time. And then, in one afternoon, I decided to finally use it for something pretty and meaningful and made these 3 paper flowers.

What makes these flowers so special?

  • Hand-cut petals, folded and inked, then glued into place to form the flowers;
  • Lovely silverish pearly beads for the centers;
  • Wired stems which can be twisted in any direction or form, or kept straight for easy displaying in a simple vase;
  • Most of all - this lovely lovely designer paper, evocative of rustic elegance and shabby chic awesomeness.

Check out the pics for details...

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