Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ivory Gold Pomanders for Anna's Wedding

I just received this happy photo from one of my favorite Etsy clients, Anna, who had her wedding this summer.

She wanted paper flower spheres for her five flower girls in an ivory gold palette, and she wanted each pomander personalized with the girl's name. It was such a sweet idea, I couldn't resist it :)

So, for Emma, Mya, Lexi, Kiki and Hanne I made paper butterflies to carry their names in gold ink, and attached them to the paper roses in colors ranging from soft white to gold and polka-dot yellow.

I'm so happy these paper flowers made it to such a nice wedding and that Anna and the girls were happy with them.

For a person who likes to play with paper, there is nothing so rewarding as knowing that your paper creations have found a good home with people who will appreciate them.

So, Anna, thanks so much for sending the photo!!!

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