Monday, December 6, 2010

Making Paper Decorations and Paper Flowers Bouquets

Ever since I started creating paper pieces for my wedding, constructing individual flowers and butterflies that would one day become a part of something greater (like a paper flowers bouquet) has brought me many many hours of happiness.

I find it also brings me peace.

My wedding day came and went in a daze, but the joy of making something with my hands has stayed with me. Lately, I've been creating new and even more beautiful paper flowers for other weddings and baby showers.

Coming up with new shapes of flowers, new patterns, new petal forms has become more than a way to spend an afternoon at my home studio. I now know that those delicate wall flowers I've been making will go to very special people (Belinda and her daughter Lizzie), or that the paper flowers pomander that I created new peonies for will be enjoyed by Laura. Victoria will carry the paper flowers bouquet I made from designer paper (see below), while Lisa will hang my paper rose sphere somewhere in her home.

My paper decorations are not just things I do to relieve stress any more - they have lives of their own. And the people I'm making them for are not just people that shop through Etsy. They now have names and stories, and I'm so lucky to become a part of their big day, in a however small way.


  1. I love the bouquet - wish I was getting married again now!

  2. gorgeous - I wish I could make something like this. You have inspired me to try!

    Paula x x x