Saturday, December 4, 2010

Highlights from My Trip To Vienna

Vienna is magical this time of year. The Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market) at Rathauspark is in full swing, and the snow that started falling last Saturday night turned our Austrian stay all the more delightful.

Graz was pretty awesome, too. Growing up in a small town and cobblestone streets in Macedonia, it was a great joy to visit Graz's pretty city squares designed just for pedestrians.

The cobblestones, which were repaved in my home town, are still at large in Austria.
What could be more charming? As you walk, each step has it's own melodic sound, especially if you walk on those high heels, terribly inadequate for long promenades :)

We found some great shops featuring handmade decoration pieces from independent artists, as well as always-stylish home accessories from Alessi (which are so hard to come by in the States). 

I just love the hanging branches and presents in this window display :)

Another thing I'll remember Austria by: Maroni - the roasted chestnuts sold at every street corner.

I could never resist chestnuts in any form, but these delicious treats, though a bit expensive (10 chestnuts for 2.5 EUR), were absolutely perfect - every time.

In the end, Austria was all about re-connecting, eating (Sachertorte, maroni, fabulous breads, and lots of meat) and drinking (spiced wine, and lots of alcoholic coffees like "faiton" with a shot of rum or "corretto" - espresso with a shot of grappa).

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  1. it sounds so lovely! i can just see the market with people shopping for the holidays....i hope you bought a few goodies for yourself.