Saturday, October 24, 2009

Something Red For Church

Since it's custom in Macedonia to wear something over the dress during the church ceremony, I wanted to have something more creative than a shawl.

I spent some time looking for bridal bolero jackets, but couldn't find the right thing ...until I discovered Angelika Liv on Etsy. She designs and makes romantic bridal (and Gothic) pieces - they're fun, unusual, and something you can't really find in a store.

I absolutely love her work! And she was very sweet and helpful over email. Since I wanted something red, she made the perfect little red bolero from raw silk for me, and had it ready within a couple of days. I have to say, I was really impressed about how quickly I got it (she shipped it from Israel) and how incredibly gorgeous it turned out - much better than what I imagined.

So, it was the perfect thing to wear - fun and creative enough for me and formal enough for church :)

... and... it matched my bouquet :)

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  1. YOU LOOK ABSOLOUTELY GORGEOUS HERE. Even though I have been to your blog many times before - I don't know why I haven't seen this gorgeous photograph of you on your wedding day. As I write this, I will be celebrating my 20th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow (15th June). I was only 20 when I married and feel young to be saying i've been married 20 years!!

    Here, your bouquet and your jacket were stunning - and it suited you to a tee!!!

    Lots of love

    Paula x x x