Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Raspberry Red, Gray & Ivory - Color Combo for a Beautiful Wedding

When an Etsy customer from the U.K. contacted me to create her wedding bouquet in her colors: raspberry red, gray and ivory, I did my research and found these amazing papers at my local crafts stores...

I love it when I come across a designer paper that embodies both the colors that I'm looking for, and a wonderful weight and texture that makes folding paper petals all the more enjoyable.

In this case, the paper I fell in love with is red, bright bright raspberry red, with silver brocade flowers printed on it - the highlights add this lovely sheen when the red paper peonies in the picture are seen in different lights. My favorite so far is the full-bright sunlight falling directly on the bouquet. It also looks pretty neat under a dusky lamp light from, especially from a sharp angle.

In any case, a joy to look at!

The other papers that I used for the creation of this bridal bouquet include:
  • shimmer paper in several shades of silver gray and ivory,
  • white paper for the lace butterflies.
To accent the silverish tones in the paper roses and peonies, I added pearly centers in silver, ivory and white. I also used different ribbons to tie it all together: red satin ribbon, gray satin ribbon and a piece of sheer ribbon in ivory.

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