Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bring on the Freshness!! Pink & Green Paper Flowers Wedding Bouquet

This spring-like pink and greens bouquet came to exist on a midsummer's day after I couldn't resist making paper flowers from these beautiful designer papers.

A pink peony here, 
a green rose there, 
a book paper flower, 
a touch of shimmer yellow
in the form of lace butterflies, 
and little by little, 
of all the bits and pieces, 
something very bouquet-like was born ...

It is probably one of my favorite color combinations - it reminds me of a fresh sunny day about to rise over a green meadow :)

Anyways, here are more pics of the bouquet...


  1. Good Morning, you are the winner of Seamore, the little nautical bunny on my blog. I will leave a message for you on your etsy account too. I need an address to mail him to. Happy monday.

  2. This is the exact color combination and almost the exact look of my wedding bouquet. Of course, this lasts a wee bit longer :) It's gorgeous!