Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Lights

As the great Massachusetts skies turn dark and gray this fall, I will have to rely on light other than the Sun to keep my spirits warm and cozy.

While in the summer I would come home from work to an apartment drenched in sunlight, even after 7pm, the last few weeks, it's been consistently cloudy and dark by the time I got home.

Still, one flick of the switch, and our place turns cozy again. Add a few candles to the mix, and it's positively magical!

Even on my train-commute days (when I also walk 1.5 mile one way to my office, and sometimes catch the occasional rain on the way), this warm light makes me as happy as a cat in matter of minutes :)

Viva you LED lights and you, pretty candles, too!


  1. i have a small 5 dollar lamp from ikea that has a great candle like light... it's great! have a nice weekend!

  2. The light makes the room feel warm and cozy. Have a beautiful day! Kellie xx