Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How I like Hope Gangloff's World...

One of my friends sent me a link to Hope Gangloff's drawings and I keep returning to them over and over again.

I find her work oddly moving.

(this one reminds me of Bjork's swan dress ... or women from Japanese woodcuts)

... and I just love her use of red against blue.

You can read more about Hope Gangloff here.


  1. I love this one - you've picked it too I see :)

    The blue strokes are so magnificently textured and real against the pretty romantic canvas of the drawing!
    And this one..


  2. Yes, I love the one with the girl reading on the floor with Chinese food scattered all around her...

    I wanted to post almost every drawing that Hope Gangloff has ever done. She's amazing!!!

    One of the things I like about her work is the sort of familiarity one senses when looking at her drawings - like she's captured one of your drunken moments, or adventures.